Senator Richard Lugar - Senator supports, condones, and encourages discrimination and sexual exploitation

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This posting refers to Discrimination Against Disabled Veterans by the American Legion, you should read this posting to understand this Posting.

I have informed Senator Richard Lugar (Democrat from Indiana) of the discriminatory hiring practices of the American Legion and their policy to condone, support, and encourage the sexual exploitation of women in their Post Bars (Canteens). Senator Lugar's office has basically informed me that they plan to do absolutely nothing about this issue. Senator Lugar is a friend of the Indiana American Legion's Commander, Commander Robert Newman, and has refused to even call Commander Newman to discover if my allegations have any merit.

It appears to me that Senator Lugar is totally unconcerned if the Indiana American Legion routinely violates Federal Civil Rights Laws. He is equally unconcerned that the Indiana American Legion discriminates against Disabled Veterans and that they sexually exploit women. This is an outrageous situation, that a United States Senator is totally unconcerned that Federal Civil Rights Laws are being violated and that women are being sexually exploited for (what is wrongly considered) greater profits. I am not saying that Senator Lugar should simply take my word for this, but that he should check out the facts. Senator Lugar is so unconcerned about this issue that he and his office will not even bother to call his good friend, Commander Newman, or Post 470 Commander Mike Beaumont to find out if my allegations are true or not.

Is this the kind of representation we want in Washington D.C., a Senator that is totally unconcerned about his good friend violating Civil Rights Laws, not to mention is decision to ignore the fact that the Indiana American Legion condones, supports, and encourages the sexual exploitation of women. Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that women should not be bartenders or that they can't make for good bartenders, nothing can be further from the truth. However, if you hire women only because they might sell more than their male counter parts (an idea that is totally false) and do not hire based on training and experience, then you are sexually exploiting women and are violating the Civil Rights Laws by discriminating against men . Add to this the fact that the Discrimination has been extended to discriminating against Disabled Veterans and you multiply your error significantly. Perhaps if Senator Lugar were more concerned with the Indiana American Legion's violation of Federal and State Civil Rights Laws than he is in the votes he might lose from the American Legion's members, then he just might deserve to serve as a United States Senator. As it stands now (at least from my point of view) Senator Lugar is unwilling to even bother to check out my allegations (perhaps because he just might find out that my allegations are true) and, thereby, cooperating in the Indiana American Legion's cover-up of their discriminatory hiring practices.

I urge everyone that reads this message to contact Senator Lugar's office and express your concerns that a United States Senator is willing to close his eyes to the possibility that one of his friends is discriminating against Disabled Veterans and against men. You should also mention your displeasure that Senator Lugar is obviously unconcerned that the Indiana American Legion sexually exploits women. I know for me and my friends, we will never again vote for Senator Lugar, any person that is willing to allow any organization, especially one where he is good friends with the leader of that organization, to discriminate against Disabled Veterans and sexually exploit women has no business being a member of the United States Senate. So, the next time you go to vote here in Indiana you should ask yourself if you want a man like Senator Lugar as your representative in Washington.

In addition to all this, Senator Lugar has been informed that the American Legion has violated the Federal Privacy Act by exposing my personal medical information. I informed Senator Lugar that someone within the American Legion posted on this site my percentage of disability and the medical reason for my disability, both are protected by Federal Privacy Acts. Only 5 places had this information the VA, VA Medical Center, DAV, Senator Lugar's Office, and THE AMERICAN LEGION. Of these 5 places, only one had a motive to expose this information, THE AMERICAN LEGION. However, when I informed Senator Lugar's office of this outrageous and illegal act by the American Legion, Senator Lugar seemed totally unconcerned that his good friends at the Indiana American Legion violated my privacy.

So, let's recap. Senator Richard Lugar is unconcerned that the American Legion has violated State and Federal Civil Rights laws, condones, supports, and encourages Discrimination Against Disabled Veterans, supports, condones, and encourages sexual exploitation of women, and violates Federal Privacy laws. I gather from this that, if you are friends with a United States Senator, then you can violate any law you so desire and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!

A vote for Senator Lugar is a vote to condone, support, and encourage discrimination against



So what you are saying is that your ugly and they only hire pretty staff to serve.

Its there business not yours. They can do as they wish. If they dont want to look at your ugly mug while drinking a beer thats fine. I HATE going to places and seeing fat and ugly people serving food and drinks. If there are pretty people who are also nice serving somewhere else...guess what? You want to go there.

Hiring pretty people for customer service is GOOD business. Hiring ugly or fat people is a good way to lose business. Agree or not that is the truth.

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